Search box closes if three bars are clicked with no textext

See those three bars?

Problem 1: they have no mouseover saying what they are for. Thus we will just call them the three bars, in this bug report.

Problem 2: Click them. The search box slams shut.

Yes, you might say,

You are supposed to know you always need to put some text in the search box before hitting those three bars.

Why? Is that how Wikipedia’s search dialog works?

And OK, if it is all my fault, why not print a message saying so upon closing the search box?

Not sure about you, but hitting the 3 bars (look like settings to me), opens the advanced search page.


there is a title attribute that shows on hover


one thing that might be a little odd, is that we direct to the full search page for advanced search… but we don’t show the advanced options by default, they’re hidden behind an additional click:

might be safe to assume that if someone wants advanced search by clicking that icon… the options should be visible


OK, today it is working properly. I didn’t test enough.