Search for tag with checkbox not showing results on mobile

:warning: Aug 2023 Note: The earlier examples in this topic contain references to tags that no longer exist, however the issue with blank results persists.

If I visit on moblie, tap the magnifying glass, search e.g. for “topic” and tap the checkbox to “search the tag theme-component”, there are two problems.
On the one hand you need to tap the checkbox twice untill the box is checked. On the other hand there are no search results after tapping the checkbox once or twice, while there are many, if you use the desktop search.

Searching on mobile without touching the checkbox

Searching on mobile & tapped checkbox once

Searching on mobile & tapped checkbox twice

Searching using desktop-view

I know, I could type the theme-component into the search to get results on moblie, but I think that’s not the idea of offering the checkbox.


Hey, good catch @moin. I think you may have found two bugs. :slight_smile:

  1. The checkbox doesn’t work immediately, and
  2. Scoping search to a tag creates a route that Discourse serves with a 403

Checkbox isn’t checking

In the mobile the search link adds “context” to the URL, which reveals the checkbox to be toggled in question. In this case, the URL we are looking at is

When we toggle the checkbox, we are changing the search query where skip_context changes from true to false and back again. It also means you may craft a URL where the box is checked by default, such as This is important, because I’ve noticed different behaviour between the two states when they load.


The default on mobile view, and the box will not be checked. Interacting with the checkbox, with touch or keyboard, changes the URL to skip_context=false, but does not check the checkbox. Clicking once more will check it, keeping “false” in the URL.

Afterward it may be toggled back and forth, with corresponding URL changes as expected.


When the search is loaded the checkbox is checked, and interacting with it works as expected: each interaction changes the checkbox and the URL.

I’ve noticed separately that using those checkboxes also causes me to lose focus on the page, regardless of the skip_context value; hopefully it’s the same thing causing our double-click issue. :slight_smile:

I’ve reproduced this behavior in safe-mode and on mobile devices.

Okay, I’ll see what I can explain about the tags not scoping in a follow up reply, so it’s easier to split off it needed.


Scoping of tags in search returns 403

This one threw me off, because when I tried to reproduce it off meta I accidentially loaded a category rather than a tag in the search context. That was fortunate, as when I realized my mistake I at least knew how the search queries are being produced for those contexts.

Using #theme and #theme-component for examples:

When we use the search context for tags our request looks like[type]=tag&search_context[id]=theme-component, which returns 403.

When we use search context for categories, our request looks like[type]=category&search_context[id]=61, which returns results as expected.

Alternatively, if we choose a tag from the advanced search filters our request looks like and returns results with that tag.

I’m able to reproduce the &search_context[type]=tag&search_context[id]=theme-component path returning a 403 in safe-mode as well.

Are there other search_context types? I glanced at the code but wasn’t able to determine; if so, we can test them as well.


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I was going to link to posts I created with the subscriptions tag, so I went to the tag listing page, and searched from there. No results – see below. When I search from the main page it works all right. It might be the tickbox is the problem, as that is a difference.

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I can confirm this. Just tried searching from the post-voting tag with the option ticked, and it couldn’t find any results (@mention or other regular keyword)


(not checked desktop yet) I checked on Desktop and it works fine.

Is that one of the issues I reported here?


I didn’t have a problem ticking the box, but the lack of results seems to be the same problem.

I have merged the topics. :+1: (and tweaked the OP a tiny bit).

Just to make a note here as well; the example tags in the OP no longer exist, though the issue with the blank search results on mobile they demonstrated still does.

My pretty basic step-by-step:

  • On mobile, go to the post-voting topic list
  • Open Search and check the Search the #post_voting tag checkbox
  • Enter something that would definitely give a hit (eg. ‘comment’ or ‘@JammyDodger’)
  • Press ‘Search’

Result: ‘No results found

Expected Result: It finds me things


This is indeed a bug, thanks for the report, folks. It should be fixed when this PR is merged: FIX: Search by tag context was broken on mobile by pmusaraj · Pull Request #23006 · discourse/discourse · GitHub


This has now been merged :partying_face:


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