Search help doesn't work for some locales

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The same happens to me when I use DE locale, then the help button from the search doesn’t work. When I switch over to EN locale it works flawless. Any ideas how to fix that? Do I have to translate something?

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No need to translate anything. This is a bug.
AFAIK the search help works only for English, all other languages result in an Error 404 when is requested.


I did look into this issue. This seems to be a problem with the localization fallback.
The translation is available, but it looks like I18n.exists? doesn’t use the fallback.

@riking I’m not sure how to solve this. Can you please take a look at this?


Well, it works for zh_CN. It’s v1.4.0.beta11 +93

Yes, it works, because the translation for static.search_help exists for zh_CN.
I corrected my post in the other topic:


Just added the German locale for that string on Transifex - as an “incremental fix” for this bug… :smile:


This should fix it for all languages:


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