Search not displaying on mobile

Hi, I have installed the plugin and connected with Algolia and everything is working fine on desktop
But on mobile the search input does not show, I can see it in devtools and can get it to show with extra css but the functionality does not work

I would also like to be able to place the search input somewhere else on the page is this possible?


I’ve made some enquiries, and currently the Algolia search option is desktop-only.

However, it should now be possible to use the normal search as an alternative on mobile when algolia-search is enabled on your site. :+1:

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Thanks @JammyDodger I have looked into this and couldn’t see any reason why algolia shouldn’t work on mobile. Alogolia was being hidden by css so I added new custom css for it in common.scss and with a bit of tweaking to the drop down display have it working on mobile too.

Going to the effort of having algolia as the search engine it’s a bit odd to find that it doesn’t work on mobile.


That’s good news. :slight_smile: Let me check if I garbled my question and see if this is something we can tweak for everyone. :+1:

@Andrew_Dickens I’ve just checked back, and if you’re interested we’d love it if you could add your changes as a PR to the plugin so everyone could benefit. :slight_smile: :+1:


Note… on desktop you can still reach “advanced search” in Discourse which captures a few use cases missing from algolia (like user search and faceted search).

If it is amended so we ship with a mobile friendly CSS and outlet for algolia we need to ensure you still can reach the advanced Discourse search.