Search results unclickable on mobile UI due to theme issues

Hello everyone!

In our discourse instance, In the mobile UI some search results are un-clickable. As in, Tapping on the title of post does absolutely nothing.

Discourse version 2.5.0.beta5, Commit = 31d1468922

Plugins installed,

  • discourse-data-explorer
  • discourse-follow
  • discourse-formatting-toolbar
  • discourse-multilingual
  • discourse-push-notifications
  • discourse-solved
  • discourse-telegram-notifications
  • discourse-translator
  • docker_manager

In this image, “Introduction to hinglish typing” and “Jain words in English” posts are un-clickable where as “Our goals at Jinswara” post is clickable. Notably, When I searched for the term, former 2 posts were visible in the main UI when the results showed up where as the last result was not visible.

I added a CSS debug script that draws boxes around dom nodes and from that I think some other node is drawing over the former 2 search results making them un-clickable but I am not sure about it.

The instance is public and live at if you want to test this out. We have been able to successfully replicate this problem in the mobile search results UI, Desktop search result UI works perfectly fine.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

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Thanks for the detailed report :+1:

This was an issue in the header submenus component. I just pushed a fix for it. Please update that component and your issue will be resolved.


Hey there!

Thank you sooo much for fixing this so quickly. Much appreciated. :))