Search Priority for Categories don't work with empty search query?

The story:
I have created a page called No Replies for my forum with the following URL:

What this does is creates an empty search query with the following advanced search parameters:

status:single_user in:unsolved status:open order:latest_topic

Essentially, it’s used to find out the unsolved topics for which no one has replied. (so that we can attend those on priority)

What’s wrong with it?:
There are some categories like News, Announcements, etc. where having a post with no replies is totally fine. But they show up in the above search.

What I tried:
For the categories mentioned above (where no replies are not to be taken serious), I set the Search Priority for those categories as Very Low, so that they could appear in the last during the search.

But it doesn’t seem to happen. Even when I sort the search results by Relevance, they still show up at with the top ones.

Only when I set the Search Priority as Ignore for those categories, the search prioritization seems to work (that is, those topics from ignored categories disappear)

Can someone please explain the prioritization behavior? (with empty search query)
And a solution to ensure Low Priority category topics always go to the bottom?

Note: If this is not a bug, please feel free to move it to the relevant category.

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Border line bug/feature, I support cleaning this up, we don’t apply the priority in this case cause it is applied later when we search for stuff. You don’t have a way of searching for nothing.

Putting #pr-welcome on this


Hi, I am interesting in this issue. I have created a pull request on Github.

The update will apply category search priority with:

  1. Empty query string and
  2. No specified order

PR in place: FIX: Apply category priority for empty query #9516


PR was merged a few weeks ago.