Search text field is missing in search drop down menu on Windows Desktop

I don’t think this is an expected change and I just noticed it this on Meta past hour in both latest Chrome and Firefox in Windows.


  1. Do a search with the search menu and go to a result.
  2. Try to use it again and the remembered search results show with what looks like a collapsed text field (see the thick blue line at the top of the results drop down).

:arrow_right: Cannot repro on my own forum running 3.2.0.beta1-dev, updated 14 hours ago.

This is in Safari, iOS 16.6 - working as expected


It seems it cause by this overflow hidden

from this commit FIX: Adjust border-radius in multiple locations (#23278) · discourse/discourse@1209efb · GitHub


I have a fix for this being merged as we speak, thanks for reporting @Lilly!