Search widget on search page seems to load something

(Gerrit Visscher) #1


This is just a minor issue, but I got someone asking me about this, so:

If I search for something via the widget and press return, I get to the search result page. When I now click on the search widget again, it shows the search term and a spinner but I’d guess I does not actually load anything.

Also, when I change the search term in the full-page-search text field, the search term in the widget stays the same. Not sure if this is actually a problem. It looked a bit confusing.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Probably little tweaks for you to look at @sam

(Gerrit Visscher) #3


Is there any progress on this? Can I provide help in any way?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

@eviltrout will be doing some work on search this week and can take a peek.

(Robin Ward) #5

Here’s a fix for the loading issue:

I’m not sure having the widget be bound to the field in the full page search is intuitive, so I left that behaviour for now.

(Robin Ward) #6