Searchable Identifiers for specific versions of Revision History

The revision history of a topic is fantastic. I’m wondering if its functionality can be extended?

In one of our use cases, we would like to highlight particular revisions. Creating new posts for each item is duplication of data and loses the traceablity and revision history of both.

For example, if we had a Topic: How to bake the worlds best cake. Say it has 10 edits in the revision history. Edit 2 is a carrot cake and by edit 10 we have a recipe for a chocolate carrot cake.
We now want to retain both within the same post because the chocolate carrot cake came from the carrot cake. However, they are both clearly distinct. Is there a feature which would allow us to highlight specific revisions and make that revision searchable? For example, I could label edit 2 as “Carrot Cake Version 1; #cake” and edit 10 as “Carrot Cake Version 2; #chocolate #cake

Pretty much like in Subversion where you have the Mainline(revision history) and Tags(a specific freeze/release of the software).

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