Searching an external site possible?

We use discourse for support questions but many answers can be found in our support documents. (it is wordpress based). Was curious if anyone knew of a way or thoughts on making the Discourse search include results from an external site.

Another thought was to try to get links to related support doc articles to show up in a side bar of a post they are looking at or a search they just did. Similar to the “Your topic is similar to…” when creating a topic but with external site content

Anyway curios if anyone knows of any thing someone may have done like that.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Why not move your support pages to a category on Discourse? It’s quiet a common approach to this scenario.

The category could be read-only to normal users and would afford all the benefits you’ve outlined above.

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Not sure we are ready to give up on all the customization possibilities available with Wordpress, but I had not considered that. Will need to think on it.

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Curious of level of effort that was to do. We are looking for around the same to hit our KnowledgeBase as part of the Search.

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