Secure media audio does not play on Safari on the first click

(Probably since the update to 2.5.0 stable) secure media audio files do not play on Safari on the first click. It requires two or three clicks on the play icon in order to start the audio. On the first clicks, no request is received on the web server. Only the third click or so sends the request.

This seems like a browser issue since it only happens on Safari, but it feels a bit suspect that this started happening around the update to 2.5.0.

Does anyone have a related experience?

Not sure if this is related to this or not. Secure media uploads expire


@mjrbrennan any ideas here?

I’ll take a look tomorrow. Sounds like a Safari issue if it takes two or three clicks there – will try it out my iPhone.


I can confirm that this is buggy for me on iOS both with Safari and Firefox. The audio does not play until multiple play/pauses are done. The widget component looks the same in both (I think Firefox mobile is just a wrapper around the mobile safari rendering engine). I tried this on iOS 13.5.1.

There are a bunch of quite recent audio issues in the WebKit bug tracker but I am not sure if any are relevant"audio".

This w3schools audio clip does work for me in iOS Safari and Firefox Tryit Editor v3.6. Possibly the issue is that we use preload="none"? That is the only difference I can think of…or that our 302 redirect of the secure media URL to the actual audio URL causes some issue?

Some possible clues that lead me to think it is the redirect causing the issue:

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It looks like there is no request fired towards the server on the first clicks, so the issue must be before the 302…

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