Security of a category keeps reverting back

Hi guys, has anyone had this issue?

One of my forums categories keeps reverting back to everyone can see ( I made it private for certain trust levels & groups)

It’s doesn’t always happen straight away but reverts itself,

Any help would be appreciated

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After how long?

Are there potential conflicts between your security rules?

Are there other users who can change the security settings?

Unfortunately, changing a category’s security settings doesn’t appear in the staff actions logs.

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Are you hitting “save category” after altering the permissions?

Do you see the padlock appear next to the category name after making the change?


yes i do, then either instantly or a day or so changes back by itself

Are there any errors in the browser console, or anything in /logs?

Does this category have any subcategories? What are the permissions on those?


Have you removed any permissions from the everyone group? If you haven’t done that, you’ll see this message:

This category is public, everyone can see, reply and create posts. To restrict permissions, remove one or more of the permissions granted to the “everyone” group.

In this state, when you click Save, nothing will be saved.

Does it persist through a page reload? If not, it’s probably not being saved correctly. Are you behind a subfolder or proxy? Do any errors show up in the JS console (F12)?

If it does, is there anything in your admin logs? Check /admin/logs/staff_action_logs and filter by “change category settings”.


Hi guys, I had a permissions conflict! :sweat_smile:

I was adding different groups to the security settings, removing them and using just trust levels, all is now good.

Thanks so much for your help!


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