Seeing repeated "[object object] flag it too" string below Reply line

(Rob Reed) #1

I first noticed this yesterday while writing a new post. It wasn’t like that the day before. The reply line and icons are there, but it looks like some of the icons are missing (the heart for ‘like this post’ for example).

I noticed there was an update, so I tried updating. In the process I noticed a message that the bundler was out of date. So I tried rebuilding the container. That seemed to run through but at the end of the process my database seemed to be hosed. I created a separate topic for that issue and with help from @mpalmer and @Steven was already to recover to the point that I could restore from a Discourse backup. That involved deleting the database.

But now I’m back to the original problem. Here’s the bit that seems odd to me. I restored from a database from 2016-0225 to steer well clear of the problem if it was something about the database. As I mentioned this wasn’t an issue as late as 2016-0201.

So it seems odd to me that starting with a clean database and restoring from a backup created before the problem started would leave me in the same situation.

I’m attaching a screenshot so you can see what I’m describing.

Thanks for any insight and assistance.

UPDATE: I should also mention there’s something wrong with the editing form. The 2 issues occurred at the same time. I haven’t fiddled with the theme at all. I haven’t even changed the logos for the site (though I realize I should do that). I haven’t touched anything about the structure or presentation of the forum (no custom CSS/HTML, not even custom colors). Here’s what that looks like:

(Régis Hanol) #2

That’s because it’s a translation issue and that has nothing to do with the database :wink:

What version are you running? If you aren’t on latest, can you upgrade and rebuild your container?

(Rob Reed) #3

can you upgrade and rebuild your container?

I did exactly that and now I’m back to the same state I was in previously:

What I did then was to delete blow away the database and restore from a backup. That got me back to the point that the forum was working except for the issue described in this topic. What I did then was rebuild the container. Doing the same thing now caused the same problem.

I can of course do the same thing to bring the forum back up again (start over again with the database to get to the Admin UI and then restore), but I seem to be looping here.

UPDATE: I followed the exact same procedure I described in the topic Failed to bootstrap, also 500 error loading any page to recover the installation. I then restored the database in exactly the same way. This time, for whatever reason, I’m not seeing the same issue. I have no explanation.

Also for whatever it’s worth, I’m sure this is related to translations, but the language I’m using is English (en-US, American English, however it is referred to in Discourse) and I haven’t touched anything related to translations.

Anyway, as far as I’m concerned the issue is resolved.

Thanks for making restores so painless. And thanks everyone for the assistance.

(Sam Saffron) #4