Select-kit obscured by post body

I’ve been trying to fix an issue on an discourse instance I’m hosting ( with the post category changer (the select-kit widget) being behind the post content. This is caused by my custom css and/or the theme (because another forum I’m hosting with the default theme doesn’t have this issue).
Here’s a screenshot of the issue:

I tried shoving z-index: 300; position: absolute just about to any css class that had select-kit in its name and I just could not make it appear correctly. The only somewhat working thing I found in dev tools was that by removing all the z-index styles from posts and avatars the dropdown showed up correctly, but those are discourse inbuilt ones and my theme doesn’t add extra z-index (it did at some point but I think I removed it) so I don’t want to do that.

If there are any css wizards here i’d appreciate help here as I’m out of things to try with my limited css knowledge.

You probably are using a theme or some custom css, no reproduction on meta:

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I signed up on your site, @Boost, but I can’t see where I can trigger the screen you posted. Please describe how you got to that screen.

Increasing the z-index on topic-title might do the trick, try

#topic-title {
   z-index: 5;
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I signed up too, and the problem is more serious than expected using Firefox

with this JS error:

(note that when the dev console is opened all start to work again)

Every time you try to add a category the page disappears and you need to do an hard refresh.
In safe-mode everything works normally

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Also can’t reproduce on master, there’s however a warning that I will fix.

I was using that as a solution before. But the “post admin actions” menu goes behind the title of the topic. So so far there’s been two possible choices: either the select-kit popups are behind the posts or the post admin menu is behind the title of the topic.

Ah I see, that’s hard to do anything about because the title area and the posts are in two separate stacking contexts. Setting the post admin menu z-index higher/lower won’t do anything because the post’s parent container z-index is lower than the title’s.

By default we have #topic-title and .topic-body set to the same z-index. Not sure why the theme changed that.

That seems to have only started today when I updated to v2.2.0.beta2 +136

Yes might be something with

Will have a look tomorrow


I tried doing that again with:

    z-index: 3;

That should be the same index as the post. But still it appeared behind it.
If I set the z-index to 4 on the topic-tittle then the select-kit popups are over the posts, but then once again the post admin menu is behind the title.

Hmm… yeah that’s odd. I’m not seeing anything else obvious that could be causing it.

I wonder if the order that the CSS is being applied is causing an issue? If you completely remove those two z-index values added in the theme, does that change anything?


When I don’t have any z-index on the topic title or the post set in the theme then it displays just like in my first screenshot. There are a few z-index things related to the background and top bar still in the theme but I hope they don’t mess with the stacking order related to this issue.

I would try updating the theme our theme is based on ( but as we have directly edited the css without playing around with theme components it’s going to take quite a bit of work to separate our customizations out of it.

I think I may have identified what caused the issue with the theme:

/*#main-outlet > div.regular {
	display: flex;
	flex-direction: column;

When I commented out that everything seemed to be fine.

So I guess that that caused the topic title to be forced into a stacking context and then the children of it couldn’t escape from that context with any trick.


I just updated my discourse to version v2.2.0.beta2 +310 and there is still the issue that with firefox it is not possible to select the category for a new topic.

Should I create a bug report for this or is it already being taken care of?

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