Admin button not always appears when I am on "category"

When I click here

and I am on “Latest”, I can see the admin button on the right:

When I tried the same thing and I am on “Category” it not appears always.

  • category without sub-category the button always appears
  • category with only one sub-category, it always appears
  • category with more than one sub-category, it never appears

Just update on 1.5.0.beta5.

Is it only my problem?

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Yes it happens for me when ‘Show subcategory list instead of topic list when entering a category’ is selected and the subcategories have logo images. The #bulk-select wrench has position: fixed with no value set for top, so it gets fixed in a position that is off the screen.

A possible solution is to give the list area position: relative so that the bulk-select wrench can be given position: absolute relative to the topic list.


Thanks @simon, infact all categories and sub-categories have images.

I’ll do that in admin > css/html.
I think this minor bug can be fixed by Discourse Team.

I change z-index too so when I scroll down the page, the wrench stay under the header.
The only “problem” changing position is that the wrench stay on the top when you scroll down the page, so if you have to admin a lot of topics you have to scroll up the page to find the wrench.
Boring, but that is something at least.

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