Selecting an advanced search parameter before entering text causes overlap in search box

While it’s not the “proper” way to go about performing an advanced search, some people may decide to specify their search parameters before they add their search words. When this is done, an overlap with the default text occurs. Choose any parameter before typing to repo:


Just a minor bug, but I thought it was worth bringing up.


What browser are you using here? Can not repro in Chrome.

<input type="text" placeholder="search topics, posts, users, or categories" id="ember4075" class="full-page-search input-xxlarge search no-blur ember-text-field ember-view">

Placeholder is not magic position absoluted here, it is applied via HTML standards so this is a lot confusing.

I noticed it on Safari 11.0.2. I apologize for not specifying and checking the other browsers first. It appears to work correctly on Chrome and Firefox.

Sounds to me like a Safari browser bug then. It sure has quirks.


Looks like it may have been an issue for a while and a fix is in the works:

This can be closed as it does not appear to be a bug in Discourse :slightly_smiling_face: