Selector profile/notifications on avatar menu

I recieved a lot of questions about how to go to the preferences, notifications or PMs.

I think we see a lot of links at clicking on the avatar and some of them (like notifications x2, badges or chat because big chat button) could be removed and accesible from the profile itself but not from notifications menu.

All that icons could be separated with a selector for show profile or notifications links and improve the experience.

That could help a lot to all our users (and myself when I try to get something from my profile :slightly_smiling_face:)

Buy you tell me if that makes sense for you too. Maybe there is some plugin as workaround? I didn’t found anything related.


That used to bother me before because we had no notification filter, but now I use all of these buttons, so it’s more convenient, even if it’s visually overwhelming.

Did you end up hiding some of the notification icons with CSS for your users? If you did, which icons did you hide?

Edit : I may not have quite well understood what you refer to: can you add a few screenshots? It would be helpful :slight_smile: )

A bit off-topic, but it may interest some: I think it was silently added, but you can now middle-click or Ctrl + click on the notifications icons to open your profile related page.

I get rid of chats, likes, and badges. Now I’m figuring out how to move ‘profile’ to the top (because people click on their profile not in hamurger-forum to configure the forum).

That’s a lot too and probably bad to our users UX:

Really, two files and no columns, and a row that not fits in the screen? How many people do you think that uses the arrow on the second file? :smiling_face_with_tear:

The same ‘user’ icon three times?

People get scared when there are too many options and I suspect that explains why the majority didn’t update their profile, invite people or use the tools built on Discourse (pretty good ones).

That’s probably more related to no-dev tribe than dev one. And I totally understand if core team probably see this OK but the majority are not agree and that defines your target.

I hope it helps. And please, sorry about my language that probably could sound different from I want to communicate. I know I need to improve a lot my english!