Edit profile access button!

Hello, thank you again for your previous help.

But I would like to edit something that I see as negative in terms of user experience, if there is a way to do it.

As in the picture below, when the user clicks on the profile picture, notifications are displayed first. Instead, the button to access the profile and the notification button should be switched or we should be able to sort it as we want. Is there a way to do this?

You can rearrange those buttons with css.

To put the profile button at the top you can add

    order: 1;
    order: 2;

to the common css section of your theme


Thanks, the location has changed, but when I click on the profile picture, the notification tab is still active, although it is at the top.

Just another thing to consider. Which one is more frequently used by an user

  • notifications
  • preferences

That dictates what is good UX and what is… less UX.


@Jagster I think this is debatable.

When a person receives a notification, when they click on their profile picture, the notifications screen pops up. Clicking on the profile picture when there is nothing going on can open the profile tab directly.

Why? Why would that be better choise than drafts, bookmarks etc.? We don’t follow such guessing with any other menus, like hamburger. Why shoud this be different? When we don’t know, and that’s true quite often, we have only two options:

  • showing root of a menu
  • showing the most frequently used level

And root is the most easiest to achieve.

I’m not a dev, but I think you need to make a theme component that loads the quick-access-profile in the quick-access-panel by default instead of the quick-access-all-notifications.

You can also have a look at this theme component as a start for clues:

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