Send a message to all users

Is this still the best solution?

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There are several possibilites, dependening on your setup and the exact use case. Two ways to reach everyone on a discourse instance are these:

  • Use the the glocal notice to display a non-dismissible global banner notice to all visitors (Admin > Settings > Other > global notice)
  • Create a PM to trust_level_0, send, and close the thread. (Be aware, that there’s a setting called max users notified per group mention, which limits the max number of users that can be notified by a mention. You should adjust this value accordingly to the number of users on your instance. I think the default value is 100.)
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And for what it’s worth, the plugin seems to work, still, despite its last commit 6 years ago (and the error message when the email is sent) :exploding_head: