Send a message to an inactive group

I’m looking to send a message to people who haven’t logged in for 90 days. How would you do it?
At the moment, what I’m imagining would be to automatically add a person to an inactive group when he hasn’t come in for 90 days via a webhook and send automatically this cohort to my e-mailing tool.
Is this good practice? How do you add an inactive group into Discourse ?

Thank you!

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@jammydodger do you have any idea ?

Hmmm. :thinking: I think I would gather a list of users who hadn’t logged in for 90 days using a data explorer query I could run periodically. Using that list I could then send out a PM (maybe using either Discourse Templates or Discourse BCC depending how many there were?)

If you used PMs then it would respect their user preferences for when they wanted to be emailed.

Would something like that work for you?