Automatic silencing for "typing too fast" doesn't notify administrator

Recently I’ve come across several cases of users who:

(a) were automatically silenced but I was never notified (as an administrator) that this silencing took place


(b) user was automatically re-silenced (again, without notification) after manually being un-silenced.


From the point of view of the user:


As you can see, the user was first approved (I’ve turned on “Staff must approve all new user accounts before they are allowed to access the site.” option), then tried to post something which resulted in an automatic silencing (which I was never notified of). After manually un-silencing the user and them posting again, they were re-silenced (again, without notification to me).

After the first silencing, I went into the settings and turned on “If a user is automatically silenced, send a message to all moderators”, however this did not result in a notification either. It might be relevant that the site is also set up with an “approve post count” of 2. “min first post typing time” is set to 30 seconds.

I have un-silenced the user for a second time, and will report of any developments here.

Using Discourse 3.0.1

Update: The user tried posting for the 3rd time and this time I did receive a notification.


Looks like this might be a legitimate bug:

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