Send custom email from plugin

In my plugin I am parsing all cc’d/bcc’d users and adding them to the topic they were cc’d on. This works well for both initial emails and forwarded replies. Based on a site setting I either create a full user or a staged email user. Where I have hit a snag is if I create a full user, I want to send an email saying: “hey a user was created … etc”

I can manually post to my sendgrid api and do this but that isn’t very good for a reusable plugin, is there any way to customize an email message and send directly from the discourse core?

Ok so I kind of got something working but I can’t figure out what is incorrect here, I’d appreciate any input.

If I do this:

def self.send_user_email(address)
    message = "", to: address, body: "body would go here controlled by var"), :admin_login).send //I used admin_login as according to the spec it should send even if email is disabled. 

When I do this however I am getting an error.

If I run the code above natively I see:

NoMethodError - undefined method deliver_now' for #<Mail::Message:0x007fa1bf157300> Did you mean? deliver: mail (2.6.6) lib/mail/message.rb:1379:in method_missing’

So if I go and update line 184 of the sender.rb file to be: @message.deliver instead of deliver_now I am able to get it to kinda try to send an email on my development environment.

First of all, you should probably send the email in a sidekiq job. I’d start by trying doing something like this within your plugin:

So, essentially, try to reuse the build_email method. It should create a message that works. You can add the template to your plugin’s locale file.

I hope that helps a little bit. I’m sure you can figure out the rest… :wink: