Staff Topic Generation Plugin



Frequently in our installation we had a need to have administrators or staff send emails to users. Previously we we had to open our mail client to email the customer, ask them to register and submit a post. Alternatively we would open a post, post the content, invite the user to the site and continue the discussion.

This additionally led to issues when we were trying to transition customers into emailing our Discourse inbox as opposed to our support inbox. Users could become confused with emailing multiple addresses.

Use Case:
Staff member is having a discussion with a customer on the phone and wants to follow up with this customer. Customer provides an email address however staff member does not want to go through the typical invite process and wait for customer response.

This plugin utilizes the Ruby flavor of SweetAlert2.

  • Create a topic and a staged user for the email address provided.
  • Create a private message and a staged user for the email address provided.


  • Currently requires that you have email replies enabled if you want customers to be able to reply.

Future Additions:

  • Email override
    Provide a way to not send a topic or PM and simply generate and send an email with your site as the originator.

  • File Uploads
    Currently there is no way to upload a file to the topic. Actively working on this

Admin Settings:

  • Button title - Set the title for the toolbar button

  • Button label - If needed set a label for the button.

  • Popup background - Set the background to be used.

  • Toolbar icon - Set the toolbar font-awesome icon

  • Confirmation popup color - Set the background color for the confirmation popup

  • Popup icon/image - Set the image to be used in the confirmation dialog.

In action:

You have two options, private message or public topic.

Public Topic: