Send email as incoming group address

For collaborative workflows to pick up where all email integration, ticket system and Q&A plugins depart, one may wish that a group is able to communicate with the external world through the email alias that is being assigned to them.

This would mean that a group display page holds a button for its owners from which the can send messages, also pointing at email addresses, but not from the site email with reply key, but from the group’s incoming mail address. Reply keys may be awarded through the internal handling of Message-ID ( and implementation of List-*: headers (

Do we want to dig deeper into that emailing black hole and improve migration from the legacy system to the more webby aproach here?

You can already add email addresses to PMs, shouldn’t that suffice?

I’m wondering about the From: header set on this address. If it appears to be from some kind of Robot, people often discard the message, even if it’s contents is personal in nature.

But you may be right that we are not going to solve Digital Identity within this minor thread.