Suggested new admin setting: send out message notifications immediately

One of the things that keeps our community from using discourse more for day to day interaction is that it is not as immediate as email. In the ebb and flow of a workday it is jarring and odd to members that messages take so long to be delivered. So we still use cc lists in email or a google group for timely messages.

We value the ninja edit window and have it set to 10 mins for posts in discussions:

We would greatly value having another setting like this for messages to allow them to have a lower ninja edit window or none at all. Or the ability to have messages sent out immediately as are password reminder messages.


I support adding a separate email time window for messages.


Was this added yet? Would be really nice to have particularly if you are a staff user and need to keep an eye out for PMs.

Yes :wink: Look for the private_email_time_window_seconds site setting.


I would if I was an admin! Will go pester our site admin to find out where the setting is at…

Default value is 20 seconds BTW.


Thanks @zogstrip, that’s certainly shorter than the 10 minute email window normally is.


Awesome - thanks for @jomaxro for following up. I really should do better at checking back into the many bug reports and feature requests I make here. :wink:

FYI, I think the helper text should be changed from “posts” to “messages” to reinforce the difference between (public/community) topics/posts and (private) messages…

Wait (n) seconds before sending any private notification emails, to give users a chance to edit and finalize their posts.


Thanks, it’s better now :thumbsup:


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