"Send message to user" flags create review item in chat

It seems like sending a message to a user using the chat “send message to user” option will create a review item (which is strange, because a review item is not created when a post is flagged using the “send message” option).
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have someone send a chat message on a forum you moderate.
  2. Send them a message using the flag menu from that chat message.
  3. Look at the review item that was just created (even though moderators probably don’t need to be involved in a PM between users).
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It seems like a TL4 user can inadvertently cause another user to get silenced automatically, even when all they’re trying to do is continue a discussion privately. I accidentally made Discourse silence a user while making sure that this was an actual bug.

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I believe this was fixed in this PR: :+1: