Send messages to multiple Groups

We are contemplating creating private groups for each of our enterprise customers; each customer would be its own Group. If/When we have a product update or security patch, we would want to contact every group with the news: As admins, is there a way to post messages across Groups all at once, or would we need to post messages in each group one at a time?

I can add groups easily in the New Message composer, which problem did you find when trying to send a message?


You can send to multiple groups, but you’d need to list each one of them in the message.

Why would you not make one group with all of the enterprise customers?

We need to isolate Enterprise customers for privacy reasons. The other option would be to create a single Enterprise group and anonymize everyone, but that seems like more of a PITA than creating separate groups. Also, I believe if we anonymize people in the Enterprise group, they would be anonymous in the shared public groups we have as well, which is not ideal.

Don’t be concerned. You can set the group permissions so that no one except admins can see the group.