Send notification when someone edits a post you've liked

I’d like to receive a notification if someone edits a post that I’ve liked.

This would avoid users appearing to like posts that they don’t agree with, once they’ve been changed.

Sometimes I only spot the edit once my like has been ‘frozen’ (x time after I’ve liked the post, the like can’t be removed) but I expect there are other posts that I’ve liked whose edits I never spot.

Apologies if this idea is a duplicate, I did look.

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And/or to have the Likes automatically removed from an edited post?

Likes removed due to edit is not on the cards, this would have to be a plugin.

My preferred solution here, due to the rarity of the situation is just to flag and have moderators reset likes on cases like this where there “good post” -> “like” -> “edit to make post unreasonable” chain.

Notify on edit after like, is an interesting concept, but we are protective of attention so I am not super enthused about adding more noise.


I have wanted this in some rare cases. Basically you need to ‘reset’ the post for a variety of reasons. Very very rare though.