Groups no longer listed as participating in personal messages?

I just updated to latest and noticed that groups no longer are listed as participants in personal messages they are in. Is this an intentional change? Did it change now or earlier and I didn’t notice it before?

It worries me because I have just started using group inboxes to include moderators in personal messages with new members and members who download resources from our website. The only way to tell they have access is that it’s in the group inbox, not when reading the message itself. When I try to invite that group, thinking moderators are not in the conversation, I get an error - see screenshot.

Here’s a screenshot of an example message that is in the moderators inbox but does not indicate the moderators are in the conversation:

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Something’s off here. I can repro this:


Probably related:

I updated our instance yesterday, and now when we get “1 user waiting for approval” messages, each moderator is listed individually as a recipient, rather than the @moderators group.

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Hmm, is this one for you @eviltrout then if it is related to ongoing flagging work?

Looks like a regression with this commit. We lost a return statement.

I’ve fixed it here, and also converted the widget to use handlebars.


Oops my bad. Thanks for fixing @eviltrout