SEO issue with Google results

Hi there,

I am developing my travel community with Discourse since a while and little by little is getting traction.

I’ve the blog style component, as one of my intended monetization ways is to add interesting content about travel and monetize it with affiliate links, for example in this topic.

However, I’ve noticed that those pages even being indexed by google have really poor SEO ranking in many different SEO tools like this one or [this one](Another report here: ) just to name a few.

Seems like H1 and H2 are a problem. What would be a good approach to improve the SEO? Should I write the articles and inside them include the h1 and h2 tags?

lso it seems like meta description is not correct either because it takes the first sentences, or maybe i’m doing it wrong.

Even if I search on google “Las mejores maletas de cabina el foro viajero” (best travelling cabin bags) my site is not appearing in the results, but my MAIN competitor does and the only way to see the results is go with “las mejores maletas de cabina” in the query and even like this sometimes the articles doesn’t show.

I don’t know if i’m doing something wrong because i checked the article before and from a SEO point of view it was correct.


Hi…I’m still facing this issue and I found some more information:

When you search in google inside a domain it gives you correct results for my forum for example with the term “viajes”

However, using the same restricted domain search with the same exact words as the topic title,which should show the topic, that topic doesn’t appear. It only appears the Category Blog but not the topic.

Even the topic here at discourse will appear before the topic.

The only way to find the topic in google is to directly type the URL in the search bar but then as you can see google doesn’t detect the topic title, just the “number”

I think there’s something wrong here and I’m absolutely lost on how to solve it but I think this could be a problem, maybe of the “Blog Style theme component” or just the way discourse handles SEO?

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Hey, I think we are experimenting the same issue at

Have you found any workaround for this?

We’re happy to share ideas.