Separate 'trusted users can edit others' setting for trust levels 3 & 4

Currently there is a single setting for both of these options:

  • trust level 3 can edit others’ topic titles and tags
  • trust level 4 can edit others’ posts

It would be handy if these were separated into different settings.

For our case:

We want to enable trust level 3 editing topic titles and tags, since the changes that can be made there are limited. But currently we want to disable editing others’ posts for trust level 4.

In the past we’ve disabled the setting altogether if we want to limit editing posts by tl4. But it’s been handy to have people add tags to topics, so it’s not ideal to have to disable that for tl3.

Mainly our audience is a bit younger and so leaders from the community are a bit younger, and though the vast majority have been very trustworthy, there was a historical case where some misused their privileges. So we usually have been a bit more conservative with some abilities – we only re-enabled editing for tl4 & tl3 after the present group of leaders had been serving for a while.

We are planning to disable the editing ability for trust level 4 again as we are onboarding a new group of leaders. But it would be nice to still have the ability for tl3 to add tags on others’ topics (Our community usually does not edit others’ titles)


I am generally warm to adding this fidelity though I would prefer to just “de-trust level” these settings if we do a split and change them so they are group based.

edit_all_topic_groups (default: trust_level_3)
edit_all_post_groups (default: trust_level_4)

This also automatically add a bunch of extra flexibility and I feel the name of the settings are fairly clear.

@mcwumbly thoughts.

Not sure when we can slot this, it may be a candidate for pr-welcome.


Default TL4 on that second one :slight_smile:


I think splitting these up and making them group-based as you’ve described makes sense.


These sound good – actually I was also wondering if this might be a good candidate for pr-welcome

I’d be interested in giving it a go myself when I get the chance. (I’m mainly iOS developer but have also dabbled in Ruby/JS etc. at work)


Sure Tracey I am happy to put a pr-welcome on this, it should be a fairly straightforward change, that said, it does have security implications so it would need careful testing using unit tests and would go through a pretty rigorous review process.


Awesome, I will take this on. Duly noted, also happy to make changes based on feedback once the PR is up.