Set calendar start day in personal preferences

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I recently set the wrong date when I blindly selected what I thought was Wednesday and Thursday, not realizing the calendar’s week started with Sunday.

How about a personal preference setting for this, like most digital calendars have?

Alternatively just start with Monday because logic :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::call_me_hand:


I have no idea what is more common here as far as days of the week to start with on the far left, but presumably the actual numbers on the days would have been a clear indicator of what date was selected?

Thanks for bringing this up. It happens to me all the time on US based apps. I then routinely contact support to ask them whether they would consider allowing users to select Monday as first day of the week. If they don’t and its an app where you dates are important I’ll sign off. It’s just too much to keep in mind when scheduling stuff.

And international standard.

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If there is an international standard we should use that rather than adding Yet Another Preference.


ISO 8601


Being 'murican I’m used to calendars having Sunday as the leftmost column. But I’m not sure rearranging columns is the only approach. I have seen calendars where the weekend days had a slightly different background color even when Sunday was leftmost and Saturday was rightmost. Would that not be enough of a visual cue for those accustomed to having Monday as the leftmost column?


I would go with Monday and follow the standard instead of adding a setting too.


In my experience that doesn’t work. I guess either your blindly doing routine work and then those shaded backgrounds wont change your state of consciousness or you’re alert and then you’ll notice anyway.

I’m all for following international standards but will this not simply reverse the problem? Or are “'muricans” more flexible than the rest of the world when it comes to calendars? Perhaps you’re used to switching between formats? In that case, I guess it’s fine to follow the standard.

But when it comes to date formatting more generally, I suppose you’ll be more reluctant to switch to international standard for the en locale, right?

I’m not 100% for forcing anything but if we don’t have a setting and can’t fully rely on locale detection which is the root issue here (erlend uses english but doesn’t expect american date format), then, I would follow the standard.


Hi @erlend_sh,

I noticed that Monday is already the start day for Pikaday (library used for calendar widgets). Could you tell me in which part of Discourse have you encountered Sunday as a first day?

Anyway, I started working on this and already submitted a PR for it here.

Currently, you can actually choose any day of the week as a first day, which is silly, but I will change that as soon as I am sure that all relevant places have been touched.


I was referring to our “Insert date” feature in the editor.

Thanks for the PR! Keep in mind it’s still unclear whether we want to allow this as a personal setting as opposed to just sticking with the most prevalent standard.

I’m in favor of the latter. The setting could be extracted to a very trivial plugin suitable for niche communities where this granularity is somehow important.


Oh, okay. For me the starting date is Monday and I found it weird that it was not Sunday, but then I noticed that @joffreyjaffeux has made a commit changing that.

Oh … so this is all done now? I am so sorry, going to close that PR, I just feel that adding a user setting here is just way too big for the benefit we get.


Don’t worry, Sam. At least now if anyone needs it, they can apply the patch themselves. :slight_smile: