Set subcategory view as default

I am an employee at (Jupiter Community - Interact, share, co-create). I was wondering if there was a way to make the default category page look like the subcategory page. For example - the category page has a section called ‘latest’ with individual topics.

The subcategory page looks a lot neater, as it has the name of the subcategory on the left, and then the latest post within that subcategory on the right.

Was wondering if there was a way to replicate the subcategory view in the category section itself

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The site setting desktop category page style allows you to control the look and feel of that page!


How do you navigate to this section?

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Admins have access, you are going to have contact the admins and lobby for a site wise change. It in the admin site setting section.

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I am an admin on my site, I’m just a bit new to everything. I simply can’t find this section you’re referring to.


Hamburger - Settings - type (part of) the setting name where it says “Type to filter”.


A simpler way is to run the setup wizard again. Visit and click through the steps until you get to the “Homepage” step:

Select the desired layout from the dropdown menu, then click the “Finish” button to save your changes.

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No, i think his mind same me. He want to set subcategory as categores boxes in homepage.

I literally just had this same question asked to me in a meeting the last hour. Basically have a specific “landing category” for members of a particular group (in the example I was asked about, at least).

I am not aware of any way to do this just yet but will keep looking.

OK, that was fast:

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When I get some time, or someone asks nicely, submits a PR, or pays me money, I’ll improve that theme component. I think it works, though it’s not clear how to use it… Hmm. I’m not sure that it actually works, but it’s pretty close. :man_shrugging:


Yup mr, i can donate for you in order finish this component, messenger with me, please!
thank you!