Setting Form Templates with a tag

Hello, esteemed forum members! :wave:

I’d like to propose an additional feature - linking templates to tags:

1) Adding a template to the reply editor for a specific topic using a tag.
Regardless of whether a template is linked to a category or not, linking templates to tags would provide forum administrators with more flexibility in selecting topics where a response template is required.
Example: Suppose I, as a forum administrator, don’t want to use templates for an entire category but want people to strictly follow a template when responding to a specific topic (e.g., the “Introduce Yourself” topic) within a particular category. To achieve this, I would add a tag to the topic (e.g., tag-about-me), which is accessible only to administrators. This tag would add the template to the reply editor for that topic.
(I understand that currently, template forms are not supported in the reply editor, but it would be a great solution to make templates available for responses through tags.)

2) Adding a template to a personal message using a tag.
Unlike the previously mentioned first point, adding a tag to a personal message should add a template to the editor of the first post, not the reply editor (similar to adding a template when selecting a category).
Sometimes, there is a need to apply templates to personal messages for contacting staff or bots (e.g., chatbot by @merefield or Discobot). For such cases, applying a template with a tag would provide forum administrators, especially those using AI plugins, with greater flexibility.
Example: As an administrator, I add a link with a tag in a public topic (e.g., When clicked, it would open the message editor for a personal message to the @chatbot with the corresponding tagged template:

Here’s an illustration of the proposed tag feature in the settings under /admin/customize/form-templates/#:


And here’s an illustration of the proposed tag feature on the page listing templates under /admin/customize/form-templates:


P.S. I’m not a programmer, so if I missed any technical details in my post, please don’t judge me too harshly. :pray: