Setting the group icon not possible?

It it possible to set a group icon in the current version?

I have found there is no edit button next to the icon (as there is with the user avatar):


By the way, I am not referring to the avatar flair but the icon which appears next to the /groups page and on the group card… such as these on Discourse Meta.

That image on the groups page is actually the avatar flair image — the preview icon on the configuration page is a placeholder for a user’s avatar (to show the flair in context).

For example, our team flair on Meta

and the icon on the groups page

Maybe we should clarify in the configuration that the flair image is also used on the groups page and the group usercard?


Oh gosh, that really works :heart_eyes:

It seems that I hope to use the group icon for a different purpose than most people - I am not really using them as flairs but as “avatars” for the groups.

I like your suggestion to clarify that point, but in the meantime thank you very much for the pointers.


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