Setting up DNS for domain & subdomain and MX records for both (using separate servers)

I’ve read and read up on this but I am still a little confused on the proper setting up of DNS records for subdomains and mail handling for Discourse.

Let’s say I have a domain

  1. I have a Wordpress blog on a separate server at

  2. has its own MX record/email on the above server.

  3. I want to put discourse on on its own server.

  4. I want discourse emails to be on the subdomain.

I’m confused as to whether to set up CNAME or A for the subdomain too, etc. etc.

What’s the recommended format for this sort of thing? I host my DNS on VULTR at the moment and their interface is relatively easy, I’m just clueless as to the proper settings for the above setup, that’s all. ; )

Many thanks.

You will have to setup a sub domain for the discuss.domain.

Then when that is done, set an A record to point to the discourse forum.

PM me if you need help

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Thanks for the confirmation – I got it working. Was a bit tricky with more than one MX entry and needing to set up additional SPF/DKIMs and all that. ; )


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