Setting up Google Identity Platform against OpenID Connect Discourse Plugin

I am “in the process” of setting up OpenID Connect towards Google Identity Platform for both my blog at (next.js) and my Discourse at

The documentation on the Google side of things is fairly cryptic and disparate. I ended up now getting some kind of OIDC, but it’s Google only :smiley: I suppose it’s the result of, maybe in a silly way, populating the OpenID Connect plugin in the following way:

So I get successfully a Google screen inviting me to OAuth2/OpenIDconnect a Google account, or create a Google account, upon clicking “sign up”/“login” on my Discourse. But what I was hoping for was indeed for options that the following setup represents on my Google Identity Platform settings.

Not too surprisingly, my user list is empty currently on Google Identity Platform, while I have a non-zero count of users signed up with the OpenID Connect plugin.

A bit more context:
The reason why I am so interested in managing users outside of Discourse is because I’m planning for mobile game apps, possible other sites in the future, under my miniglot “brand”. I feel I’m setting myself up for more success having from the get-go a versatile identity management solution. I’d have considered Auth0 but they get so expensive in the long run that I’m shying away.

I am quite interested in Google Identity Platform for their said ability to collect some data on anonymous users if endpoint allows, the one tap offering both on web and Android apps, pricing in general for MFA…

Is anyway making a more successful usage of Google Identity Platform with their Discourse ?