Setting up multiple Discourse instances for different countries

Hey Can I set up the Discource Community of any country for support in my country?

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Yes you may because Discourse offers user locale which allows users to choose the language the forum is displayed in. In addition, this can be made a default by an admin site setting.


Sorry I couldn’t explain well. l wanna open Discourse community for my country

for example;

That will work, but you will have to create a separate Discourse instance for each language - a single Discourse forum can only be accessible at a single domain.

If setting up multiple Discourse sites is not the best solution for you, you could look at some of the ideas in this topic: How to structure a multilingual community.


You’ll have to have your own domain name though. You can’t just use Discourse.WhateverCountryDomain. :wink: Instead, use, .de, etcetera.


We set the Turkish Discourse community my friend. Can you support the our community link is;