Settings for a temporary droplet resize on DO

I’m experimenting with importing a phpBB forum and merging it with another imported forum. Each time I run the phpBB import it takes about 3 hours. I’d like to speed things up a bit.

My Discourse instance was installed according to the instructions on a 2GB/2 CPU instance.

I resized the DO droplet temporarily to 32GB/12 CPU, increased workers to 10 and db_shared_buffers to 8GB in app.yml, and rebuilt the app, but there was no increase in performance - the import took about the same time.

What settings do I need to adjust to take advantage of the bigger droplet?

You need high CPU power droplets. Almost everything Ruby related (that isn’t “serve these X webpages to X different users at the same time”) is keyed on single threaded, high clock rate CPU performance.