Share icons colour

Since beta7 I have had this issue on all discourse sites. When you press a post to share it the box should be blue but they are white

Is this known?
Thanks all


Facebook was complaining about some icons/colors we were using throughout the app (mostly when integrating with Facebook login), so I updated the colors for Facebook and other brands to be more aligned with their respective brand standards.

So this means we shouldn’t make the Facebook icon any other blue other than their official blue, and when on dark backgrounds we should only use white.

So yes, this is intentional, but at the very least I can make the change so the icons are a consistent color (i.e., the mail icon should also be white). It also looks like they’ve depreciated the rounded-square logo in favor of a circle logo, so I’ll make that update too.

These color/icon decisions are our defaults, but individual sites can still override them in their themes (just be aware that if you use Facebook login, they may reject you if you’re not adhering to their standards).


Thanks for clarification, would it be better to make thr email icon white too?

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.


Thank you so much. Mostly because I like colours uniform :sunglasses:

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Color update made here:

You’ll see the change the next time that site is updated.


OK thanks @awesomerobot ‘Resolved’