Share to Discourse (via Android)

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Continuing the discussion from Chrome/Firefox extension "Share to discourse":

Share to Discourse is live now on latest Discourse :tada:.


To test it right away:

  1. Install or Reinstall Meta (or any Discourse site running the latest version)

  2. Go to any app that supports sharing content, eg: Youtube, Twitter

  3. Click on share

  4. Pick Meta (or any Discourse site)

  5. You will be redirected to a new topic with the composer pre-filled with the content shared!


  • You need Chrome 71+ and Android for this

  • Target site needs to fill, large_icon and short_name site settings properly

  • Target site needs to be served over HTTPS.

Discourse 2.2.0.beta6 Release Notes

Forgive my ignorance, is there any other OS support for this, even on the horizon? Any standard which is related?

edit: Forgive me I just read Chrome/Firefox extension "Share to discourse"

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #3

Yes, it’s a web standard.

Firefox and Edge have public support for the standard.


That’s game changing !!! Can’t wait! This was raised by one of my users recently.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #5

Yeah, only problem is that I always get “Web Share Target” and “Web Share” mixed :sweat_smile:

One is about sending links from Discourse, and the other is about receiving.

This topic is about the Web share Target. The Web share is more straightforward, so it’s coming to iOS next version.


You and me both! :sweat_smile: