"Share using Discourse" option in iOS/Android?

Newby here. We’re evaluating Discourse as possible successor to our SMF forum. Performance of the iOS/Android app is crucial, because members of our club are currently fleeing into ad hoc Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

I installed the Discourse app on an iPhone wit iOS 11 and an Android 7 phone. I’ve seen how you can upload an existing image or take a photo to include in a post. That works great. But I know many people work the other way around: They are in there camera- or Photo’s app, decide that they want to post a picture and tap on iOS%20deel%20knopjekl (iOS) or Android%20deelknopjekl (Android). This opens a list of apps available to share the picture. Not only the OS-native apps like Mail and iCloud, but also other installed apps like Signal and Outlook. But I’m not seeing Discourse app :frowning_face:

Did I miss a setting? Or should I turn this question into a feature request?

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You did not miss a setting - the app does not currently support this on either platform. I would suggest turning this into a feature request.

My first question is how you would propose this work. With Signal I assume after sharing the photo from the camera you are asked which message to send it to. In Outlook it attaches the image to a new message - how would this work with Discourse? Let’s say I have 5 forums in the app, after clicking share from camera what happens?

Ha! That’s your sales departments dream :slightly_smiling_face: But you got me there. I must confess I did not think of our members ever subscribing to another Discourse based forum. But that could happen if Discourse gets popular here in the Netherlands. I can imagine that with multiple forums in the app, it would require extra code to create a “please select a forum” step. With just one forum, I would expect it to open with an empty “create new topic” and the picture already in the message body.

I will move to Feature request.

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Also, I have this ready to ship for Android, using a soon to land new browser feature: