Share your own discourse story. :)

Now Discourse is becoming largely used by many users here, so why not share your own story? The awesome part about Discourse is that it’s like an adventure. You start as a beginning new user, and start earning trust over time and finally, you might become one of the staff members! So I wanted to make a topic where you can share your own discourse experience. All stories are welcome! :smile:
Here’s my story…
I started out as a newbie. The very first topic/post I ever made was, “Can I have the code?”(I deleted that humiliating topic when I became a moderator). There, the members started to tell me to clarify, and eventually helped solve my problem. The great part about discourse is that there are so many people willing to help you out. Then I started to learn what the rules are and how to seek assistance and also how to help others. I was finally promoted to member, and became an active community member, doing what others did to help me when I just started, helping out new users. Somehow, after I made this topic for new ideas, serial likers began to appear(In a few years, I bet the Webster’s Dictionary Definition for @zogstrip is going to be “Serial Liker” :stuck_out_tongue:). I instantly became a 24/7 active member. All other fellow members were also ambitious to earn the regular trust level. There were four active members all hoping to earn that trust level. After a month, I became a regular(Even though I lost the race :crying_cat_face: ). Until last year, I was a regular helping those who need help with code, and making the forum entertaining. Then one day, I received a private message while I was eating breakfast. I stared hard and shook my head. “Wow, it’s true, I finally became a moderator!”. And now it’s been a year since that special occasion, I’ve been the discourse pipeline between here and my forum. Now that I read this again, my first reaction was, “Wow, look how much I’ve progressed”. This is why I think discourse is excellent, because you earn trust over time, and those who stay will progress further.

Now feel free to add your own stories to this topic! Again, all stories are welcome!