Forums-mercenary confession (now love to contribute content with Discourse!)

(Anton) #1

I just can’t remain silent anymore and I have to say this: I was always greedy to write content and participate in discussions online. I was 100% consumer of the info, and never contributor to it.

But finally this happened to me, too: I’ve loved Discourse (while using Meta) and I’m having a great fun contributing to content, discussing, asking questions, sometimes writing answers, reading while having a coffee break etc. I just can’t stop…thanks to how easy it is to use and how content-focused it is.

P.S. Well, it is necessarily to say that the community is wonderful, too, and that makes Discourse Meta itself just a BIG place to stay tuned and be heard. Discourse platform encourages to communicate frequently and faster.


(Jeff Atwood) #2

That’s great! Try to run an active Discourse forum if you haven’t already. We always prioritize feedback from folks with active forums that other people are posting on.

(Anton) #3

Yeah, we are setting up one these days for Ukrainian notaries and that is where my 20 topics came from.

Actually I have micro things I would contribute to Discourse with JS but I’m still struggling setting up dev environment on my Win laptop, but that’s a different story and I have topics opened for this, too.