Shared Drafts: Allow staff to collaborate on posts before publishing

How complicated would it be to expand this to all posts, instead of just the first?

I do not support any scope creep on this, sorry.


Would working out these concerns in a feature topic that can develop into a plugin like Workspace Views be acceptable? At least extending this feature to arbitrary groups would bring a lot of collective agency.

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Is the intent that these shared drafts are posted to the chat integration (like slack)? They currently are, but it seems like they should not until they are actually published.

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Is this feature accessible via the API?
I tried creating a new topic in the category I selected for Shared Drafts, but it created a regular posting, not a shared draft.
Does the API support shared drafts?

Anything that can be done via the UX can be done via the API. That said, I don’t believe we have this documented. You’ll need to follow this guide to figure out how to make the correct API calls.

This is expected, the shared drafts category is still a normal category, normal topics can be created there. You need to change the type of content you’re creating - a shared draft, not a new topic.


Understood. I will follow the guide to figure out the magic incantation and share my results. To be continued …

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Hi @eviltrout and @jomaxro,

For some reason I’m not able to see the Shared Draft option. I have made the suggested changes as well.

Thanks for the support!

Did you refresh your browser window after enabling the category? That’s the only thing I can think of.


Hi @eviltrout,

Yes, I can see it now. Thanks so much :slightly_smiling_face: .

Kudos to you guys for building such an awesome product.


In the context of a team using Discourse internally as both the communication hub and knowledge base, it would be useful if Shared Drafts could be added to multiple defined categories.

This is because the nature of the drafts in a knowledge base may be different than those being used in a more traditional topic sense.


Another possible implementation could be to assign it to groups since groups can optionally manage categories.


Not sure I understand what this means. Which topics in which category are being suppressed from which topic lists? Note that the headline above says “once you click publish…”. Thanks for clarifying this for me and sorry for not understanding


I’m not super clear what you meant by that edit either @david?


Honestly I’m not exactly sure… 2 years is a long time :sweat_smile:

I seem to remember a lot of support queries around that time which went something like:

  • Admin configured the shared_drafts_category to a public category
  • Admin created shared draft
  • Regular users could see the topic in topic lists
  • BUT admins could not see the topic in topic lists

I believe the confusion was mostly resolved by this commit

But still, I have no idea why I put that comment under the ‘once you click publish’ heading. I’ll get that fixed - thanks @sebastianh


they call me the bouncer… jk :slight_smile:


I find this feature confusing because for our forum it makes staff unusable for anything other than shared drafts. New topics will not display as they did under categories, even though I am an admin.

I wish these drafts would still show up as part of the staff restricted category.

– Or –

Is it possible to create staff posts that are not treated as shared drafts, but simply as basic topics?

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In response to

Unread (1) displayed since 2.6.0beta5

Please add the ability to disable Shared Drafts functionality directly from the dropdown-menu by adding an option such as Disable or none.

Thank you for considering!


I tend to configure shared drafts in a limited category, either to @staff or @some_specific_group.
It always seemed confusing to me what category to choose for shared drafts.

Usually we use it to prepare topic introductions or articles – and since Page Publishing for public pages.

So I create a Drafts category either under Staff or a group-specific category.
I’m always worried that a topic may disappear after some time due to disappearing topics…

Also, having the drafts notice above the category description is quite scary: will this one be removed after 180 days?


You should consider making a dedicated category just for drafts, and not re-use an existing one.