Remove wiki feature from shared drafts upon publishing

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Before the Shared Drafts feature arrived, I had set up a category named “Drafts” only visible to select groups for announcements and their translations, and set all new opening posts to be made wiki posts in the category settings. This allowed for quick fixes of minor errors and the like by anyone with write access. I understand the Shared Drafts feature, being limited to the staff, does not set this by default. It would however be useful to me if the wiki feature of a shared draft was removed upon publishing, just as its revision history is.

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So the members of your Shared Draft group are not all staff?

A better solution might be to allow edits to any post in the shared drafts category from any user who can see that category.



Does such a solution already exist? All I know of are the category permission settings, where groups can be allowed to Create / Reply / See, Reply / See, or See.

No it does not exist. I was just thinking that it might be a better solution than having wiki revert. I think it might be surprising for some drafting a wiki post to have it revert to normal.

I understand, and your solution might be better if it is feasible to implement. It is a special category, and while I haven’t extensively used collaborative features in word processors, I do like being able to work together on documents (posts in Discourse). Having the posts made wiki posts was a way of accomplishing this, allowing me and others to proof read and fix errors right away. I assumed that this was the way other communities wrote drafts as well, but perhaps not.

In every community I’m aware of that uses the feature, all the members are Staff so they can already edit the post without the wiki feature turned on.

I’ve added it to my list but I suggest for now you make a note to turn off wiki before you publish.

Duly noted. It will be interesting to see how this will be implemented, if it comes to that.

In our community we have members that are not Staff, but like translating content into their own language. We have a number of categories for other languages than English, in which translated content can be posted. I find that sharing a draft category in which we work together, and linking to their translated versions of an announcement in the original such, is appreciated.