Shared Drafts: Allow staff to collaborate on posts before publishing

Bit of a response much later in terms of years.

We are trying to schedule posts using this feature, but we are getting the following issues:

  • When you set a topic timer to schedule into a category, while it does post it there, it remains as a ‘Shared Draft’ and is not visible to anyone unless you click that big publish button.

  • If we don’t use shared drafts, and instead schedule a topic published into a private category, while it does schedule correctly and post, plugins such as Chat Integration will not pick up the new topic and push it into webhooks on Discord announcements channel as an example.

Any solutions to these?


You can’t. You can guide them to use private messages sending to themselves, and when they are then copy&paste to real post.

And still I think that is really low quality solution for so many reasons, but as I’ve told it comes limits of technical solutions of Discourse.

Out there is so many request to get ability of real drafts.