Shared drafts only for staff?

Continuing the discussion from Shared Drafts: Allow staff to collaborate on posts before publishing:

Just a question for clarification:

This almost sounds like the feature also works for non-staff users, as long as they have access to the category. But I sssume it’s limited to staff, is it?


For now it is limited in a couple of places by code to staff members… however I did notice while building it that there is no specific reason why it has to work that way.

I think once people are comfortable with the feature, we can just change the “can create shared draft” check to be something along the lines of “can they write to the shared draft category”.


This is a great feature, and if it were extended to TL4, it would be great. After all, users with this level of trust are already full members. There can be many reasons why they will need such functionality.


Chiming to to request extending this to at least TL4.

Our community includes employees and customers. We don’t necessarily want all employees being community “staff” (Admin and Moderators), but would very much like them to be able to create shared drafts.


Given that the Category Group Moderation feature is available to arbitrary groups, it should be possible to extend the Shared Drafts feature to follow the same pattern, eventually enabling various groups to work on shared drafts in private categories and publish later. I can see a lot of good applications coming from this, e.g., in university research or journalism.


+1 to the university (or industry!) research use case - I’ve recently seen collaborative writing software used to great effect on papers.