Sharing page in iOS app sent wrong URL

I’ve not had a chance to try to reproduce this yet. I think the url was the one I had originally opened the app to via notification. It was definitely a topic I had been to earlier in that browsing session. I tried it twice in a row using the iOS “share” panel and got the same wrong URL both times.

What is the expected and the actual URL shared?

Reproduction steps in the app:

  1. Get an iOS notification from the app and open it.
  2. Scroll down and click a suggested topic
  3. Try to share the topic you are currently reading via the iOS share button

Again the problem might not be that narrow, but I just reproduced it using these steps when i got the notification about your question.

So in this case the url that got shared was this topic. The expected one was some random suggested topic that I’ve already forgotten.

What is the Safari version?

I think they are trying to implement the Web Share API and it may be buggy.

Can you share a screenshot of the share UI ?

I’m running iOS 12.1.1. Is there such a thing as a Safari version separate from the OS on mobile?

Here is the share sheet I’m referring to:

What does it display when you click on message here please ?

I’m sorry I don’t know what you mean by “click on a message here.”

Here’s a short video of what I’m doing. It picks up right after I opened the app via notification of your question:

Does that answer your question?

This could be a bug in iOS for all I know. But I don’t think I’ve experienced it elsewhere. I have confirmed that is indeed the wrong url that gets sent. It’s not just displaying the wrong page title or something.

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Oh I see, sounds like another iOS WebView thing bug.

This is using the Discourse Hub app right?


Yeah. Sorry I didn’t make that quite clear originally I guess.