iOS app share-ability

On iOS, when on the share sheet of some app, DiscourseHub appears as one of the options, but I’m not sure if it is working?

On Safari I have tried to share an image (long press shortcut) and a page URL but both failed with a “Could not load that URL” error message on DiscourseHub.

Also tried sharing a photo directly from Photos but while DiscourseHub shows for half a second on the screen, nothing else happens as far as I can see. The same happens when trying to share selected text.

What should be sharable into the DiscourseHub? Or is this not intended?


@pmusaraj any thoughts here?

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Currently you can share URLs of forums that are already added to the app, as a way of launching that url on the app. An example use case would be long-pressing a link in an email to open it in the app instead of Safari or the in-app browser of some email clients (Gmail for example).

We would like to add support for text/images to be shared with the app so it can be used in posting, but that isn’t implemented yet.


I‘d really love to see that.